Pillow Case

This item can be used for any standard pillow case
White in colour
Dimensions: 700 x 500 x 100 mm inner flap
Packaged in 200 per box

Pillow Protector

Fits under the pillow case with ease
Extends the lifetime of the pillow and is used underneath the Pillow Case
This product is waterproof except at the seams
Light Blue in colour
Packaged in 10 per bag

Couch Cover

This is ideally used in doctor’s rooms for their examination bed.
This is not an absorbent material
Non sterile
Dark Blue in Colour
Packaged in 5 per bag

Bed Linen

Non sterile
Not permeable
Not absorbent
White in colour
There are three different sizes available:
• 140 x 240cm
• 160 x 240cm and;
• 180 x 240cm
The smallest one is our standard size that the Renal Units place over their lazy boys. The larger sizes
would be applicable where larger chairs are used.
Packaged in 50 units per box

Wash Cloths

This item is generally used in Funeral parlours
Made from highly absorbent material
Dark Blue in colour
30 x 30cm
Packaged in 100 units per bag

Disposable Wear and Linen Product Range

Antibacterial Disposable Bed Screens